My First Foray into Crocheting Pictures – Triforce Graph

Taking a break from dolls for a bit. I’ve been wanting to try crocheting pictures for a while now. I’ve decided to start with something very simple, a Triforce. It is just three triangles and I only need to worry about two colours.

First I made a graph and tried to plan out my stitches. Once I completed that I grabbed my yarn and hooks and hoped for the best.

I started with a foundation chain. Then I did one row of black before I started the triforce.

I worked the graph using single crochets.

It turned out better than I had hoped for my first attempt. I think that I am going to continue working up the rows in black until it is long enough to be a scarf. After I finished the last row of black, I started using a larger hook (6mm). I am switching stitches every row (double crochet one row, single crochet one row, double crochet one row, etc), to make the the scarf work up faster and to make it more flexible and light. 

Feel free to try the pattern out for yourself. Let me know if you have any questions, and I would love to see any finished products. 🙂Image


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