Link Amigurumi

I made this Link as a request. I styled him after adult Link from Ocarina of Time. I have the pattern available for free on my Ravelry! Check it out. 😀




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The Crochetdex – #43 Oddish

Free Pattern on WolfDreamer’s blog

Free Pattern on Chain One and Turn blog (This is an Oddish/Bellossom hybrid project. She used WolfDreamer’s pattern to get the base for the Oddish portion of it.)

Free Pattern on Yarnmom

Free Pattern on Frankly Beka blog. (Also on Ravelry with a picture)


Pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy by Sandy Chan

Pattern on Ravelry and Etsy by The Nerdy Knitter



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The Crochetdex – # 42 Golbat

Free Pattern at Crochet Fanatic blog


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Working on Link Pattern

I recently made a new Deku Link pattern and I am working on a new Link pattern to go with it. I was planning on finishing the Link tonight BUT….. I ran out of green yarn. >.<  So he’s just going to have to wait until I have a chance to pick up some more.


My long term goal is to write a pattern for Goron Link and Zora Link as well. That way I can have the whole Majora’s mask set. 🙂 But I like to space them between other projects so I don’t go crazy. 😛

Anyways, here is a pic of the completed Deku Link and the mostly finished Link.

He still needs ears, more hair with some hair styling and trimming, another arm, all his loose ends attached and sewn in, as well as various optional details.


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The Crochetdex – # 41 Zubat

Free pattern at Crochet Fanatic

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Patterns on Ravelry!

I just downloaded a free 30 trial of Adobe Acrobat and have been spending the afternoon putting some of my patterns up for sale on Ravelry!

Patterns for Sale are:

Phoenix – $1

Legend of Zelda Rupee Wallet – $3

Charmeleon – $0.50

The Little Mermaid (two patterns: mermaid and pink dress)  – $1.50



Here is the link to my Ravelry designs!


I also have some free patterns available:



Namine Doll

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The Crochetdex – #40 Wigglytuff

Free Pattern at Down with the Knitty Gritty

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