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Mario Mushrooms

My sister wrote her own pattern for Mario Mushrooms and had me test it for her. I made three different mushrooms and they all turned out great. I think she plans to put this pattern online in the future. Image




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Toad Amigurumi

The new challenge in the Amigurumi-Challenge group that I participate in on deviantArt was a pattern customization challenge. We are given a pattern and have to customize it to add our own flair.

We were given the Little Karla Girl pattern found on AmigurumiBB’s blog. I took one look at the doll and thought, “That could be turned into Toad with just some colour changes!” So that’s what I did.

The only edits I made to my doll were:

1) colour changes to make it look like Toad

2) 5 red spots added to the hat

3) positioning the feet slightly higher on the body



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